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Panasonic Video Model: NVHD650B

Fault code F80. works occassionally then doesnt work at all

There is a plastic piece on the motor which rotates when you press play or eject. A plastic cap fits on the spindle of the motor. This slips and doesnt grip the motor hence does not turn the drive gears. Just glue or replace the part (use loctite or super glue).

Hitachi Video Model: VT530E etc

Playback picture freezes repeatedly when warm / capstan motor overhaul

This symptom is usually due to contamination of the capstan motor bearing which can in turn lead to overheating of the drive chip, the problem can often be remedied by taking apart the motor and thoroughly cleaning the bearing then lightly lubricating with a suitable light oil before reassembly.

Panasonic TV Model: (ALPHA 2W Chassis)

Squeal at switch on then goes dead, channel indicator ok

Check the l.o.p transistor Q551 for s/c, overvoltage diode D854 for s/c, R564 / R567 (fusible) for o/c and also check C808 (10uF, 63v) and IC801 (STR54041M) and locally for dry joints.